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As a Tactical Performance and Resilience Team Member, you are joining an exclusive group that has the ability to view physical preparation content designed for tactical professionals provided by qualified strength and conditioning experts. The physical preparation materials are designed to assist in mission preparedness and occupational readiness.

The content includes (but is not limited to): exercise demonstrations, training tips and techniques, preparation guidance, unique leadership and resources circles, updates in research and literature publications, and Live Q&A on podcast episodes.


What you'll get:
  • Access to our exclusive Tactical Performance and Resilience Community
  • Physical Fitness preparation guidance through content, resources, and discussions
  • Access to unique discussion circles that involve areas of occupational preparedness, ranging from leadership, to developing reading lists, and much more
[This group is not an individualized coaching platform. Utilize this platform as a means for gathering resources, engaging in discussions, and posing questions to assist development of content that assists your wellness initiative.]